Conejo Valley WIDE OPEN Art Show 2015 WIDE OPEN
Photography & Digital Art Show

Thousand Oaks Community Art Gallery - 2331A Borchard Rd. - Newbury Park, CA
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2015 WIDE OPEN Juried
Photography & Digital Art Show

The WIDE OPEN Photography & Digital Art Show recognizes that every judge is biasd. As such, it has developed a "system" designed to help ensure that each piece is evaluated on its own relative merits versus others in category.

Judging - Step 1
Each judge is asked to put aside whatever bias they may have and evaluate, independently and without collaboration, each entry, on its own merits, relative to others in catgegory based upon the following equally weighted criteria:
1) Composition
2) Technical Execution
3) Creativity & Innovation
4) Overall Visual Imact
The Judge(s) will be asked to use a 1 to 10 scale for each entry with 10 representing "among the best in category" and 1 being "among the weakest in category".

Judging - Step 2
Upon completion of ther independent evaluations, the individual judge's scores for each enty are added and put in descending order. The top entries from each category are then put next to one another and the Judges are asked, on a collaborative basis if applicable, to put them in the correct order (1,2,3,4,5,6....). The Judge's agreed upon top entry in each category becomes "First Place" and the other awards are determined by their relative rankings.

Judging - Step 3
The top entry from each show category are place next to one another and the Judge(s) are asked to determine which is Best of Show by majority vote. Once the Best of Show is determined, it is pulled from its Show Category and everything else move up one place.

There will be a minimum of 29 awards as determined by concensus of the Judges. This will include a first place in each of 7 Show Categories. The number of awards in each catgegory is proportional to the number of entries in that category relative to total. All awards are limited to one per entrant, the highest of which earned.
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          ABOVE: "Reflecting on the Nile" by Carol ChildersĀ©, First Place 2011 Color Photgraphy Show Category.  
  WIDE OPEN Award Winners          
          ABOVE: "Shades of Kerry" by Lyn Conlan©, 2010 Honorable Mention in the Color Photography Category.  
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        ABOVE: "Fruit Lady" by Richard Williams©, 2011 Special Award.    
Dennis Griffin
Craig Morton

The Show Sponsor may also recognize individual artists with the coveted "Black Ribbon" Special Award.

One per judge is allocated.
            ABOVE: "Paris Clown" by John Brown©, 2012 Honorable Mention in the Monochrome Photography Category.  
  ©2014 MNM Art Studio